Unveiling Sardinia's Hidden Gems: Embark on an epic road trip with Nissan Electric Travel Guide

Unveiling Sardinia's Hidden Gems: Embark on an epic road trip with Nissan Electric Travel Guide

Boasting picture-perfect landscapes, a vibrant culture and scenic country roads, Sardinia serves as the perfect setting for the newest edition of the Nissan Electric Travel Guide. Embarking on a sun-drenched adventure across this enchanting island through electric driving, travellers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of Italy's true hidden gems… all while keeping their carbon footprint and environmental impact to a minimum.

The guide is packed with a vast choice of notable spots to explore around the island. Pristine beaches, rustic old towns, local eateries, and gorgeous hotels are just a few of the dazzling attractions on offer. For those who prefer a pre-planned approach, the Nissan Electric Travel guide has them covered with a suggested route for an unforgettable road trip around the island, carefully curated to include the best of what Sardinia has to offer.


The route starts in the historic town of Olbia, before taking in numerous sights along the north coast, including the delightful La Maddalena Island. From there, it hugs Sardinia's picturesque west coast before cutting inland to the island's historic capital of Cagliari in the south. After taking in some of the best beaches the region has to offer, the route takes travellers up the island's east coast – boasting alternating low shores and golden cliffs overlooking a turquoise sea – before eventually taking travellers back to Olbia where their journey started.

Promoting a more responsible way to travel, a key highlight in this summer's edition is agritourism – where farming meets tourism! Already a popular form of tourism in Italy, it guarantees travellers an authentic experience as they are invited to experience the local lifestyle as enjoyed by the locals, all whilst getting the chance to stay in stunning farmhouses and serene rural areas of the island.

If this unforgettable experience sounds like your kind of holiday, then get inspired by the Nissan Electric Travel Guide and take to the stunning roads of Sardinia in a more eco-friendly way. Your journey awaits!