Plan a sustainable Central European adventure with Nissan’s Electric Travel Guide

Plan a sustainable Central European adventure with Nissan’s Electric Travel Guide

Road trips are always great fun. Whether it means hitting the road for a weekend, a week or even more, it's a chance to discover new places and gain a completely different perspective, with the freedom to explore on four wheels.

At the same time, authenticity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for global travellers. People want to get a true taste of their destination while reducing their impact on the environment1.

That's why the latest editions of Nissan's Electric Travel Guide are here to help travellers deep dive into the beauty of an unfamiliar land. Following the Stockholm launch earlier this year, users can now plan the ultimate sustainable adventure to Central Europe. Just as before, the digital series combines the best in culture, cuisine and nature, helping tourists immerse themselves in four historic cities across Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Enjoy a meal at the Luftburg Kolarik, the world's largest organic restaurant in Vienna; wander around the cafes and shops of Kasarna, the repurposed military barracks of Prague; discover the awe-inspiring marvel of Budapest Castle; or take a stroll through Central Europe's oldest public park in Bratislava – it's all packed into the latest editions of the Nissan Electric Travel Guide.

With plenty of EV charging points along the way, the Nissan Electric Travel Guide offers itineraries within each city, as well as across the four capitals. Travellers can forget those long lines at airport security or the packed city tour buses as they take in the beautiful scenery driving along some of Central Europe's most picturesque routes. It's the ideal solution to electrify your getaway while making truly conscious travel choices.

Visit the Nissan Electric Travel Guide now to start planning a unique, authentic and sustainable holiday.