Nissan In-Car Classics

Nissan In-Car Classics

One of the best things about any summer car journey is the soundtrack that goes with it. Driving with the windows down - under clear sunny skies and listening to our favourite songs – is a feeling you just can't beat. And after most of us have spent months at home, this year many of us can't wait to get back on the roads.

With the warmer days now finally upon us, Nissan's audio engineers and international design team at Nissan Design Europe (NDE) want to help you make the most of it. They've come together to create a bespoke, summer-ready playlist – Nissan In-Car Classics – which is packed full of songs that are sure to turbocharge those feel-good vibes.

Each track has not only been chosen for its mood-boosting melodies, but also because they sound even better on the JUKE's premium Bose® Personal® Plus audio system. But whichever model you drive, all you need to do is connect up via Spotify and hit play. Follow this link or click the player above to have a listen.

So - it's over to you dashboard divas and backseat baritones: time to sing your heart out.

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