My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Going Further With Four More Owners

My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Going Further With Four More Owners

LEAF Owner #1: Luis Charro, Zaragoza, Spain


84-year-old Luis Charro from Zaragoza, Spain, decided it was time to make the switch and purchase his first EV - a Nissan LEAF - two years after retirement. Now enjoying his second Nissan LEAF, Luis takes pride in his willingness to embrace the future, and strongly believes it is never too late to adopt new technologies.

Encouraged by the many climate-friendly benefits of his EV, Luis also made the decision to have solar panels installed at his home to charge his car - a financially and environmentally beneficial investment. But this is not the only financial advantage Luis has discovered through being a LEAF owner: Luis strongly believes he saves around 90% in expenses thanks to his decision to switch to an EV - a great saving now he is in retirement.

Equally as impressed with the technological advances, Luis notes the initial acceleration of his LEAF is impressive and not something you would expect from an EV, stating the driving experience is both fun and exciting. Luis admires the smooth driving experience and is especially fond of the silence both inside and outside the car.

A quick learner, Luis was impressed at the speed at which he could adapt to his new vehicle and its advanced technology, proving that it is never too late to make the EV switch. Luis believes educating new generations on environmental issues is not only important, but vital for the future.  And safe in the knowledge he is leading by example, Luis strongly urges all motorists to buy an EV today!

LEAF Owner #2: Edwin Glaser, Linschoten, Netherlands


Edwin Glaser, from Linschoten, Netherlands, prides himself on being an early adopter of technology. Edwin couldn’t wait to get his hands on the world’s first fully electric car, the Nissan LEAF, and when he bought his first Nissan LEAF in 2012, Edwin was the first private EV owner in the country!

Inspired by its advanced technology and ability to “change the world”, Edwin is thrilled with the on-board gadgets included in LEAF. From the technology to the environmental benefits, Edwin strongly believes a Nissan LEAF is the best EV option.

Having been an EV owner for almost a decade, Edwin is always eager to experience the latest EV features. His most recent upgrade to the 62KWh LEAF is his third Nissan LEAF to date, and has improved his comfort levels even further - making each journey more manageable, quicker, and enjoyable.

This is important for Edwin, as he travels around 30,000km each year and frequently makes long distance trips to the Swiss Alps and Scotland. Despite this, he feels relaxed and confident his LEAF can handle each journey with ease. Edwin has always been very impressed by the range of a Nissan LEAF and has never experienced range anxiety with any of his previous models. Thanks to continual improvements to charging infrastructures over his ten years of ownership, alongside LEAF upgrades, Edwin feels completely at ease making long distance journeys – with no concerns around charging.

Passionate about LEAF and thrilled with his own experience of EVs, five years ago Edwin started the Nissan Electric Club to provide a platform for EV and petrol/diesel drivers alike to come together and discuss the world of EVs. The club currently has over 1,500 members in the Netherlands. Through his platform, Edwin invites everyone to join him on the amazing journey of switching to electric by highlighting all the positive impact owning an EV can have on lifestyles.

LEAF Owner #3: Marco Massullo, Rome, Italy


Marco Massullo owns the title of being the first Nissan LEAF taxi driver in his hometown of Rome, Italy. Starting his EV journey back in 2014, Marco is incredibly proud to be a pioneer in his home city. Ferrying visitors and citizens of Rome around in his electric taxi service, he enjoys seeing the delight and satisfaction of each passenger when being driven in an EV – many of whom are experiencing the benefits of EVs for the very first time!

Frequently entering the car without taking notice of the fact it is a Nissan LEAF, passengers regularly react positively to the silence, the advanced technology and interior comfort levels. Admitting the passenger experience is like no other, Marco notes that some passengers are amazed by the immediate acceleration you can experience in a LEAF. Passengers also enjoy the ease at which the car navigates hills and the bustling streets of Rome, and they are most surprised to learn that when Marco breaks or uses the e-Pedal, the car is re-charging itself.

Being a taxi driver, range is a big factor, but Marco does not have any concerns in his Nissan LEAF. Regularly driving customers to and from the airport, which sits outside of the city, many times a day, Marco always has more than enough charge to match his job demands.

For Marco, the Nissan LEAF is the best option as it provides a lot of benefits for his job. Choosing to drive an EV all day results in a more positive impact on our environment, while his LEAF also saves him money thanks to low running and maintenance costs.

So impressed with his LEAF, since 2014 Marco has owned 3 Nissan LEAF. Starting with the 24KWh model, which he upgraded in 2016 to the 30KWh version. Most recently, in November 2020 Marco switched to the 40KWh. To Marco, there is nothing smarter than driving his Nissan LEAF. He heavily encourages drivers to change their mindset and start thinking EV.

LEAF Owner #4: Maria Jansen, Nordre, Frogn, Norway


Maria Jansen, from Nordre, Frogn, Norway is the proud owner of the 500,000th Nissan LEAF! Purchased with her husband in 2020, the upgrade to the 62KWh LEAF (her second LEAF), enables Maria to enjoy extended range and an enhanced experience.

With family members living across the border in Sweden, Maria values their new LEAF for giving them greater peace of mind when traveling long distances for family visits.  Since collecting their new LEAF in September 2020, Maria has already travelled a considerable number of clean air miles, and strongly believes she has found the car that perfectly matches her needs.

As one of over half a million LEAF owners worldwide, Maria is especially pleased with the advanced technology onboard. She finds the ProPILOT feature most impressive – its ability to break by itself puts her at ease behind the wheel. Paired with the Around View Monitor camera which helps when parking the car, this helps Maria to feel confident and safe when driving her LEAF.

Having initially chosen a LEAF thanks to the environmental benefits, which were aligned with her sustainable way of life, her decision to purchase one has resulted in many other advantages. From the outstanding cost efficiency, thanks to the low running and maintenance cost, to the high comfort levels you experience within the stylish and roomy interior.

Norway is at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution, and Maria is extremely proud of her own participation in driving forward the movement. To Maria, a Nissan LEAF means a car you can trust. Urging drivers to book a test drive, she is confident that sampling a LEAF will be enough to convince them to make the switch!