My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Four Owners, Four Unique Stories

My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Four Owners, Four Unique Stories

LEAF Owner #1: Quentin Lemaire, Toulouse, France

Quentin Lemaire from Toulouse, France, bought his LEAF in 2018 following the birth of his son. As an eco-conscious father, who has been a LEAF fan from the age of 18, he wanted a car he could enjoy driving guilt-free.

Equipped with the latest Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Quentin’s 40KWh LEAF offers him an impressive driving experience which he loves.  Futuristic in design and technology, it has captured the imagination of his son who calls it the ‘Batman car’!

A combination of low maintenance and running costs has meant driving an EV has many financial benefits for the Lemaire family, enabling them to focus on enjoying the more important things in life.

The family travels frequently across France, and thanks to the numerous charging stations and ease of public charging, they find their journeys in their LEAF relaxing and stress-free. A particularly fond memory is when the family travelled to a forest for a camping trip and discovered an unexpected LEAF benefit: being electric, his car was able to power all their camping tools, turning the family camping trip into a glamping trip!  During the trip, the family was amazed by the pure silence of nature – and matched with their silent LEAF - they experienced an unforgettable harmony with their surroundings and were able to get closer to nature than ever before.

The Lemaire family believes a LEAF was the best decision for their family. From the trusted technology to the stylish design, their LEAF has enhanced many aspects of family life. Proud to be part of the electric revolution and inspiring younger generations like his son, Quentin encourages everyone to ‘take a LEAF of faith’ and purchase an EV.


LEAF Owner #2: Neil Swanson, Rosyth, Scotland

Neil Swanson from Rosyth, Scotland, always admired EVs - but had reservations about how they would match his lifestyle. So, when he saw a competition to sample a LEAF for 12 months in 2016, it was an opportunity he could not miss.

Neil was hesitant to commit to an EV because of misconceptions he had heard around the lack of and difficulty in using charging stations. Combined with a job that warrants driving in all weathers, Neil was concerned how an EV would cope with the demands of his lifestyle.

However, pleasantly surprised and inspired by how easily his 30KWh LEAF not only fit into his lifestyle but enhanced it, Neil purchased the car 6 months into the 12-month trial! Since then, he has travelled over 84,000 clean air miles and has no worries about the charging infrastructure in Scotland or at home.

Impressed with the lack of noise pollution, the LEAF has given Neil and his wife a unique opportunity to get closer to nature and experience moments they could never imagine. One example is Neil’s discovery of just how quiet the LEAF is – when driving his friends and their new-born home, he realised he could actually hear the baby breathing in the backseat. An incredible, memorable experience.

Neil’s dog also loves his LEAF. Previously finding car travel distressing in their combustion engine vehicle, their family dog now peacefully sleeps through car journeys in their LEAF.

After driving a combustion engine for 26 years, switching to an EV was completely out of Neil’s comfort zone - but now a director of Electric Vehicle Association Scotland, Neil takes great pleasure in recommending EVs, particularly the LEAF, to drivers.  Having fallen in love with his EV driving experience, he firmly believes making the switch is a win-win situation for drivers and for the planet. 

LEAF Owner #3: Fabien Verbrugghe, Paris, France

Fabien Verbrugghe, an Uber Green Driver since 2018 from Paris, France, made the business decision to switch to an EV after being inspired by his customers’ positive reactions as passengers in an EV. Understanding his passengers feel better when being driven in an EV because of the lower environmental impact and impressive advanced technology, Fabien felt switching to an EV made good financial and business sense – as well as bringing joy to customers and helping the planet.

After purchasing a 40KWh LEAF in 2018, he found the quiet interior also allows him to converse with his clients with ease, acting as both a tour guide and Uber driver which enhances the passenger experience and his ability to do his job.  Coupled with the easy-to-drive attributes of the LEAF, such as the e-Pedal and ProPilot Technology, Fabien can drive for longer (within the driving hours limit) feeling less tired and thereby increasing his profitability.

Before switching, as an Uber driver he was concerned about the interior roominess of an EV. Pleasantly surprised, Fabien admits his LEAF is bigger than he expected with more than enough room for four passengers. The boot, which he thought looked small from the exterior, can easily hold four suitcases - perfect for airport trips.

And it’s not just his passengers that enjoy the EV experience. Since converting Fabien has inspired many of his colleagues to make the switch to become green drivers.

When he made the decision himself, there was no question which EV he would choose. An avid fan of Japan and Japanese culture, the Japanese technology, futuristic design and high quality, made a LEAF an obvious choice for him. Combined with its agile abilities to navigate the bustling, narrow streets of Paris, and responsive acceleration to avoid risks, the LEAF has proven to be the perfect car. Fabien is so fond of his LEAF, he has recently upgraded to the 62KWh LEAF.

LEAF Owner #4: Shannon Monroe, Washington, USA

Shannon Monroe was one of the first LEAF owners in the U.S. and the first registered LEAF owner in the state of Florida. Shannon stayed up until midnight on the day of launch to ensure he would be first to get his hands on a Nissan LEAF.

Ten years on, Shannon and his family still own their original 24KWh LEAF and have driven more than 125,000 EV miles, still using it as their daily car. Knowing they have not needed to purchase gasoline or contribute to CO2 emissions for a decade has given them a huge sense of achievement and pride.

Calling their LEAF the best investment his family has made, Shannon is confident he will never not own a Nissan LEAF. Amazed with the durability and low maintenance, the Monroe family are firm believers that once you switch to EV, you will never look back.

For the Monroe family, LEAF-love is a truly family affair. Shannon’s son has only ever been driven in their LEAF and he proudly believes he will only ever drive an EV thanks to their environmental benefits. Shannon’s parents were so inspired with his experience they have also purchased their own LEAF. In fact, it’s a love affair that has now travelled thousands of miles: from purchasing their LEAF in Florida in 2010, the Monroe family have driven their LEAF to California and across to Washington, proving range really is no issue for the Nissan EV!