My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Eden Hazard

My Life With A Nissan LEAF: Eden Hazard

What does the typical EV driver look like? With numbers growing across Europe every day, it's hard to tell; not least because there are now over 180,000 Nissan LEAF owners on Europe's roads. Yet among this number there are some famous names you may recognise. One of these is Eden Hazard, the renowned international player for Belgium and top-flight football club REAL Madrid C.F!

Eden admits his electrified journey began in a rather unconventional way. First introduced to the Nissan LEAF by racing legend Oliver Rowland, Eden got to experience the thrill and excitement of all-electric power out on the racetrack – testing his skills in a series of adrenaline-filled laps around Spain's Jarama Circuit.

Immediately impressed by the acceleration, spectacular handling and power of the LEAF, Eden quickly decided that he wanted to become an EV owner. But front of mind were the huge green credentials of EVs, and the realisation that you don't have to trade excitement to be good to the environment.

Eden has since joined Europe's community of Nissan LEAF owners in discovering more and more of the positive impacts to driving EVs. And as Eden points out, number one among these are the clear benefits to the planet - creating a future for his family to enjoy a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Find out more about Eden's experience driving EV in the above video – and discover more stories on how other LEAF owners are crafting their own zero-emissions journeys here.