Milestones in Motion: Nissan's Journey to 100,000 e-POWER Vehicles

Milestones in Motion: Nissan's Journey to 100,000 e-POWER Vehicles

In 2022, Nissan introduced the unique e-POWER electrified powertrain to Europe, transforming the driving experience for those seeking an authentic taste of electrified mobility but without the need to recharge their car. The wheels are powered solely by an electric motor, while the electricity is provided by an advanced petrol engine.

Awarded as top innovative technology in Japan, the powertrain was then adapted to European customers' needs by the Research and Development team in Nissan Technical Centre in Cranfield, UK. "Customers tend to drive bigger vehicles in Europe. The road conditions are also very different, with some of the steepest hill climbs in the world, requiring a different set up" explains Matthew Wright, Vice President of Powertrain Engineering at Nissan AMIEO.

e-POWER is a game-changer for customers who aren't yet ready to move to a 100% electric vehicle but who are keen to experience a taste of driving a pure electric vehicle without the need to charge. This will aid a transition to a fully electric future. As Nissan accelerates towards the goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050, reaching the milestone of 100,000 e-POWER vehicles sold in Europe marks a key step on this journey.

To celebrate the achievement, Nissan created an eye-catching projection of the e-POWER technology at work. The visualisations projected onto the exteriors of the Qashqai and X-Trail show the flow of energy between the engine, motor, and battery, representing what is taking place under the skin as the e-POWER equipped vehicles are being driven.

Let's pull back the curtain and take you behind the scenes of how we created this electrifying celebration!

The projection itself? Inspired by the "dare to do what others don't" philosophy that sparked the development of e-POWER, the visualisations reflect the boldly innovative technology that lives under the bonnet of each e-POWER vehicle. Effectively, you're given a sneak peek under the skin at the technology that makes the e-POWER drive such a smooth and serene experience. Inspired by this spectacular display? Purchase your own e-POWER model now and kickstart your own electric transition!