JUKE Carmony – 5 Top Stress-Busting Tips

JUKE Carmony – 5 Top Stress-Busting Tips

What's the best thing about the onset of warmer, sunnier days? For many drivers, it's getting back out there on the open roads – especially when gearing up for a road trip adventure. In fact, the journey to the destination is often one of the best bits of the trip: windows down, favourite tunes playing, and enjoying the scenery along the way.

Until that view is suddenly obscured by another rude road user swerving directly in front of you, causing you to brake sharply. Not only is that frustrating for the driver, but also for the passengers, who are suddenly jolted forwards. This in turn, causes stress levels to rise and all vehicle occupants to see red.

That's how the carguments start.

Findings of a new survey from Nissan(1) highlight the most common causes of stress between drivers and passengers on a car journey. The study discovered that unsafe driving and mobile phone usage are the leading causes of in-car arguments for European motorists. 45% identified using the phone or texting while driving as the principle reason for disputes between occupants. Meanwhile, 39% identified dangerous overtaking as the biggest cause and more than a third of motorists pinpointing last-minute braking (35%) as the top culprits.

While Nissan can't prevent other drivers' bad behaviour, it can help make the driving experience entertaining and relaxing. In the Nissan JUKE, seamless connectivity and infotainment as well as advanced driving assistance technologies offer a reassuring driving experience while keeping all occupants entertained even if traffic is causing delays.

This is important, since safe driving (59%) and good music (55%) are what European drivers identified as the most important ingredients for enhancing enjoyment behind the wheel.

To keep the good times rolling, Nissan has also put together a handy guide of tips to promote stress-free driving. So when the time finally comes for that long-anticipated trip – with friends, family, or a personal adventure – you can be confident in setting off for some in-car harmony:



1 OnePoll surveyed 2000 respondents from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy from 4th March 2021 to 10th March 2021. The survey was conducted online using panel members who are credited to participate in surveys. Respondents who are car drivers and drive with friends, family or colleagues were targeted using screening questions and profile data in order to ensure the correct demographic was achieved.