Freedom to move

The Nissan Possibilities Project empowers people to live without limits.

Everyone deserves the freedom to move.

This statement might be a given, but this can be a challenge, especially for those born without a limb (congenital amputation), or those who have lost a limb through amputation. Prosthetics can help but are not always easily accessible, and the range of devices varies greatly – from uncomfortable plastic units to state-of-the-art carbon fibre running feet for athletes.

British Paralympian Richard Whitehead MBE thinks we can do better to improve mobility for all. His passionate belief – that everyone has the right to move freely, to run – has inspired millions. That's why Nissan has partnered with Whitehead and his foundation to provide running prosthetics to young people with leg amputation, limb-loss, or limb difference.


Prosthetics bring so much more than newly acquired physical freedom. Families are elated with the positive impact. People come out of their shells – gaining confidence and forming new friendships and connections through support groups – heightened by the pure joy of running freely.

And this is just the start. Nissan in the UK will continue to provide funding for more equipment and enrich lives through the joy of mobility. Learn more as you watch Walid, Tayla, Gabriella, and Becca tell their life-changing stories.