Electrify your getaway: Nissan’s guide to travelling the electric way

Electrify your getaway: Nissan’s guide to travelling the electric way

Forget airport check-ins, lengthy lines for security or hanging around by the baggage carousel hoping your luggage isn't somehow in another city. Oh, and definitely forget the stranger who sat next to you on the plane, falling asleep on your shoulder…

Sustainable travel is increasingly on the minds of holidaymakers planning their next trip, with three in five people saying that the pandemic has encouraged them to travel more consciously in the future.1 One effective way to do that is to fly less – and drive electric instead.

That's why Nissan has created the Electric Travel Guide – a new digital series to help global travellers enjoy amazing AND sustainable holidays. Combining culture and cuisine, while connecting must-see spots along the most picturesque routes, the guide is designed to help users electrify their getaways and make truly conscious travel choices.

Launching at the same time as the all-new, all-electric Nissan Ariya – which offers a range of up to 533km for even more exploring – the first edition of the Electric Travel Guide series takes drivers on an exciting journey around Stockholm. From areas of natural beauty and historic museums (including one dedicated to ABBA!), to local cuisine and cultural hot-spots, it gives visitors the chance to discover a whole new side to the Swedish capital – all accessible with an electric vehicle.

As a city pushing to become climate positive by 2040, Stockholm is the ideal place to kick off the Electric Travel Guide adventure. Look out for future locations to be featured as part of the Electric Travel Guide series.   

Uncover Stockholm’s sustainable travel secrets and find out how you can electrify your next getaway.

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