Dream Driving with a zero-emissions lullaby

Dream Driving with a zero-emissions lullaby

Becoming a new parent is undeniably one of the most joyous occasions in life. Yet if there's one thing mums and dads everywhere can agree on, it doesn't come without a few sacrifices. Number one on this list? Getting a full night of sleep, after tending to little ones that just won't settle.

Curiously, though, kids seem to have no problem whatsoever falling asleep during car journeys.  It's a fact not lost on frazzled parents: over half (57%) of European parents admit to taking their children on night-time "dream drives" at least once a week to prepare them for a seamless bedtime. Investigating the science behind this, Nissan discovered it's all thanks to the soothing sound frequencies given off by a car's internal combustion engine (ICE), which have magical powers that help to send kids off to the land of dreams. 

There's just one problem: modern electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF are so smooth, and so quiet, they don't have the same sleep-inducing effect. With more and more eco-conscious parents opting to drive an EV, Nissan took up the challenge to find a unique solution for adults yearning for a restful night.

Our answer? Nissan LEAF Dream Drive – the world's first zero-emission lullaby. In collaboration with renowned sound producer Tom Middleton, the album mimics the rhythmic hum of a combustion engine via combining the interior and exterior sounds of a Nissan LEAF and Nissan Qashqai.

Having captured these samples in the semi-Anechoic chamber at Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE), each track features the white, pink and brown noise frequencies emitted from combustion engines but not found in battery electric vehicles. The result is a dreamy soundscape with a hypnotic power to lull the kids to sleep.

The 5 part arrangement is available to stream on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and more [see here for links]. Better still, at the end of any dream drive journey, its soothing qualities don't have to stop when the car does. So, owners of a Nissan LEAF rejoice – not only can you sleep easy knowing your vehicle is good for the environment, your little ones can now sleep that bit easier too. 

To find out more, see our full news release here.

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