A Zesty Surprise! Juke’s Yellow Paint Makes a Triumphant Return

A Zesty Surprise! Juke’s Yellow Paint Makes a Triumphant Return

Buckle up and get yourself ready for a splash of summer on even the greyest of days – iconic yellow has returned to the Nissan JUKE! With its sporty, classic paint work in neat contrast to the black roof and trim, this is a colour that has been celebrated throughout Nissan's rich history, especially on sport cars.

As James Bailey and Tara Eacott – Materials Engineers in the paint department at Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) – stress, their role in bringing such iconic colours onto models is so much more interesting than just watching paint dry!

To ensure colours meet high Nissan standards, lightboxes, glossmetres and scanners are used to make sure the coverage and consistency of the paint continues to sparkle throughout the lifetime of the car and prevent glare from incoming lights. Colours also undergo intense cold and heat testing making sure that they shine through regardless of the climate they end up in.

Ultimately though, as Tara says, "the eye always wins". The engineering work is to ensure the highest quality and durability, but ultimately, it's down the customers' taste.

Click the link below to find out all about the process of choosing, testing and applying these colours to Nissan cars. As we celebrate the iconic yellow returning to the JUKE, here's to many more years of it providing a slice of sunshine to all its owners!